notes taken while [redacted], 11/24/18-11/25/18

10:06 p.m.
my soul is starving 
my soul is eating itself 
like when your body is starving

10:57 p.m.
feel like i'm officially retiring from the idea of having fun with or for other people

12:14 a.m.
the man who wrote pink moon knew he was, like, not long for this world... he was gonna die soon after that

12:20 a.m.
i'm a little too resistant to the idea of allowing everyone to be able to read my mind to be a proper communist

12:48 a.m.
can you intellectualize eating to the point where you can't process wheat any less than anyone else but you feel you can take on the sensory burden of all of humanity? like does eating wheat make everyone as gassy and bad feeling at [sic] me... but they just don't notice it. because they'd never question it?

1:06 a.m.
have noticed extreme fall off of motor function while [redacted] past year and a half or so 
have noticed the same in zachary. idk

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